(Here’s my secret to taking over the world…) Oops wrong blog!

I’m Karen! A stay at home cat mom, with lots of free time because of my recent diagnosis of ulcerative colitis. Lately I’ve picked up some new hobbies to stay busy and blogging is one of them. Check out my Etsy shop to see the others! Creativity has always been part of my life I’m just finding new outlets as life changes.

I’m also recently married, ahh the newlywed life 🙂 it’s a little different than I was expecting, especially with my health, but we are making lemonade out of those lemons.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest! So I’m no stranger to rain or the color green. I love all things nature because of it, in particular Mt. Rainier and dahlias. Give me a cup of chai, watching the sunset, on a warm summer evening and I’m set!

It’s hard to get a selfie with a cat…
There at least we’re both in it!
Here’s the whole family!